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People in Bangor have the best of the both worlds. Citizens of the town can look out the windows of their Bangor apartments and take in the gorgeous landscape, while at the same time enjoying all the rich amenities that city living offers them. The city offers plenty of fun, culture and history for the young, hip Bangor apartment-ites and the older, more refined ones as well. You also rarely have worry about crime in Bangor, considering it has one of the lowest rates in the entire country.

Bangor is a bit of a cultural hub for its state, with several fantastic destinations to its credit. The University of Maine, which is located in town, features several fantastic performing ensembles, and has a museum of art that collects paintings and other pieces of art from some of the top names in the craft. In addition to this, the town offers plenty for Bangor apartment-ites who are fans of architecture, with numerous gorgeous buildings around town to gander at, including a number of beautiful churches, 19th-century houses, and the famous Thomas Hill Sandpipe (which can be seen from virtually any spot around the town).

For those young Bangor apartment-ites looking to take in a brew, dance a little, or meet up with some of the more attractive young folks in town, there are a number of fantastic bars and clubs scattered around the town, especially around campus area.

The beauty of Bangor is a sight to behold, but the town offers so much more than just breathtaking scenery. There's plenty this city has to offer for Bangor apartment-ites, regardless of whether their tastes lean towards beautiful old buildings, a budding art scene, or fantastic nightlife.

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